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Season 1

Episode Guide

S1 Ep14: Advocating for Minority Students

S1 Ep13: Non Traditional Pathways

S1 Ep12: Cite A Sista

S1 Ep11: Senior Leadership

S1 Ep9: Sexual Violence Response on Campus

S1 Ep10: Navigating White Spaces/ PWIs

S1 Ep8: Othermothering and Being a Mom

S1 Ep 7: Career Success

S1 Ep 6: Networking and Self Care

S1 Ep 5: Navigating Graduate School

S1 Ep 4: Racism and Diversity Positions

S1 Ep 3: Intersectionality

S1 Ep 2: Imposter Syndrome

S1 Ep 1: The intro

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